I’m personally a big lover of mechanical watches. For me mechanical watches are no less than a piece of art. The design, the complexity, the brand all comes together in one small beautiful mechanical watch that just makes them more unique than any other watches out there.

The Seagull 1963 ST19 movement 21Jewel is one of the many mechanical watches I proudly own. My story of owning the Seagull 1963 goes something like this – 

I’ve been a watch lover almost my entire life. I’ve always admired the beauty of the complex small machine on my hand . But it wasn’t till my first job that I stumbled upon mechanical watches.

I knew they existed but never really saw a mechanical watch up close & seeing it melted my heart. Seeing the mechanism, every single wheel & spring work through the open case back, made me decide, the only watches I’m going to own will be mechanical. 

But finding something tasteful is hard. For me a watch speaks for itself & reflects the personality of its owner. There are a lot of mechanical watches in the market but my true love starts with Seagull 1963. 

I stumbled upon a Seagull-1963 42mm Panda dial with a swan neck regulator while browsing watches for a trip with some of my friends. I wanted a fresh look & something which looks professional and casual at the same time. The Seagull 1963 was just that.

The vintage look, simplicity, red star on dial & a rich history made me very excited to purchase Seagull 1963 38mm. 

As any curious person I got deep into the history of Seagull 1963. It’s crazy how this watch has a very unique history. From the technology made in Swiss but sold off to Chinese & how they converted the 17 jewel to 21 jewel as we know it today. I think what makes me want to put Seagull 1963 in my collection is the story that Seagull1963 is known for. 

Today Vincent asked to write my story on why I purchased Seagull1963 & my answer is simple: Along with the simple design & complex movements & a very brief chaotic history I found my balance of what makes a watch truly unique & Seagull 1963 is one of them. 

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” – Ian Fleming

By the way I forgot to mention, I own Seagull 1963 38mm Sapphire 21 Jewel. I like the nato strap for casual & everyday wear but I do also own a brown leather strap for work. 

So that’s my story. Also a huge thank you to Vincent & team for reaching out to me. My experience with was nothing but amazing. The ease of ordering, shipping times & watch quality was top notch. 

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